The powerful speech delivered to the world by President Biden on March 26 from Poland should have been given on March 15, the Ides of March. In it he said Putin “cannot remain in power.”  But in Russia the speech won't be seen until April 1—and then, only after the video is doctored.

One could say that all of Russian-state propaganda is a never-ending April Fool’s prank. I won't say that, though, because the consequences of lying are so brutal. In excerpting Biden's speech, the Russian-government’s edit will put words in his mouth that go something like this: “Putin cannot remain in power. April Fools!”

In actuality, Russian state TV won’t be quoting Biden at all. Instead, it will be quoting traitorous Tucker Carlson and other Fox "News" commentators who repeat Kremlin talking points so they can be echoed back to the Russian people.

When did April Fool’s Day become so nefarious? According to Russian experts, that country has been celebrating the day on April 1 for years. Russians reveal an April Fool prank by blurting out to the recipient, "Первое Апреля, никому не верю" ("Pervoye Aprelya, nikomu ne veryu"). According to Google Translate, this literally means: "First of April, I don't trust anyone."

According to Google Translate, this is what Russians utter upon admitting a prank.

Wiser words were never said, especially if your audience is being brainwashed 24/7 by Russian state media.

In Russia, there is no longer a lighter side to April Fool's Day, though some prankster in Moscow is likely to substitute a Red Dye #2-colored parsnip for a beet and serve it as borscht. As the target of the prank slurps the soup, the server will blurt out: "First of April, I don't trust anyone."

Despite March 15 having come and gone, it’s never too late for one of Putin's back slappers (that is, his yes men who sit at the other end of a very long table in the Kremlin) to do an about-face. That is, act on Biden’s “suggestion” and be emboldened to pull out a steak knife.

With any luck, the first day of April at the Kremlin will be afoot with more than pranksters.

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