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Despite the end of Title 42, restrictions on asylum seekers are expected to continue under Biden administration

by The Conversation in The Nation

Ernesto Castañeda, American University A Trump administration immigration order, Title 42, that allowed U.S. border officials to quickly expel migrants at the U.S. southern border – with no exceptions for asylum-seekers – expires May 11, 2023. But its legacy of restricting asylum petitions may continue as President Joe Biden takes...

80 is different in 2023 than in 1776 – but even back then, a grizzled Franklin led alongside a young Hamilton

by The Conversation in Elections

Maurizio Valsania, Università di Torino President Joe Biden’s announcement that he’s running for another term raises concerns for many Americans. At his potential second inauguration, he would be 82, beating himself in becoming the oldest among American presidents. Aging has changed dramatically over the centuries. Medicine and better...

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