New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner Jessica Tisch today announced the launch of the nation's largest curbside composting program starting this fall the composting program will collect yard waste and food scraps for all Queens residents, providing service to 2.2 million New Yorkers.

This is the first time that an entire borough will receive this service – coming to an area that produces significant amounts of leaf and yard waste in particular, as Queens is home to 41 percent of New York City's street trees.

The new program will include all leaf and yard waste – which residents already collect and place out separately from trash – as well as all food scraps and food-soiled paper products, such as napkins, paper towels, and unlined plates.


NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Starting this fall we're bringing guaranteed weekly curbside composting to the entire borough of Queens.
This would make New York City home to the largest curbside composting program in the nation.

DSNY Commissioner Tisch

We looked at what had worked in the past, as well as what hadn't, and developed a smart, innovative solution that is going to be easier for the people of New York City, harder for rats, and better for the planet.

To make this program even more accessible, DSNY will proactively deliver bins to all Queens residential addresses of 10 or more units in the coming weeks.

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