NYC Parks launched a first-of-its-kind living tree map—the NYC Tree Map—showcasing nearly one million individually managed City trees that includes newly mapped, in-park trees that have unique IDs, species information, and maintenance status.  

NYC Tree Map Info at a Glance:

  • Top 3 Landscaped Park Tree Species: London planetree (18,161 trees / 11.6% of total trees), Pin Oak (15,002 trees / 9.6% of total trees), Honey Locust variety (6,929 trees / 4.4% of total trees)
  • NYC Parks with the Most Landscaped Park Trees: Flushing Meadows Corona Park (8,698 trees), Prospect Park (3,995 trees)
  • Borough by Borough Landscaped Park Trees: Queens (40,617), Manhattan (39,273) Bronx (33,338), Brooklyn (32,580), Staten Island (10,817)
  • Number of Landscaped Tree Varieties: 570 different types of trees on streets and in parks
NYC Tree Map

NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue

“Our new NYC Tree Map is groundbreaking, for the first time mapping park and street trees on one easy-to-use resource. Through it, we are offering New Yorkers the most comprehensive picture of all individually managed trees under our jurisdiction ever,” said . “With a slate of new features, we hope this new map will empower New Yorkers to visit their local parks, find their trees, and learn about the wonderful benefits our trees offer our communities.”

Building on Parks’ previously launched Street Tree Map, this empowers New Yorkers to digitally interact with all 800,000+ landscaped park and street trees in real time. It allows them to find the specific location of each park and street tree in the city; see tree species and how each tree contributes to a healthier, more resilient city; record their stewardship activity; report tree conditions directly to Parks staff; and for the first time ever, see the results of any completed inspections and recent tree work.

NYC Tree Map
Explore and learn about New York City’s trees. Discover their species and diameter, record your stewardship activities, and share favorite trees with friends.

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