Doctor Aloysius Freeman and Professor Allela Freeman present hidden figures in the American story. 

As the initial sparks of the American Revolution catch flame, Jupiter Nameless is a man between worlds.

 On the one hand, he has access to all the wealth, wisdom, and privilege of Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson, who is something of a mentor and patron for Jupiter. 

On the other hand, Jupiter is Jefferson’s slave. 

When a common errand suddenly goes awry, Jupiter finds himself facing something he’s never seen before: some new sort of blight that turns men rabid. 

Faced with slave catchers on one side and murderous, blighted hordes on the other, Jupiter and Jefferson must work together to save themselves and whoever hasn’t yet been turned. 

With special permission from Thomas Jefferson’s estate, we reproduce here for the first time a wonderful trove of correspondence from the days immediately leading up to the Fall of Monticello.

This group of letters gives us insight into the minds and dealings of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin in the days prior to their harrowing adventure on Jefferson’s mountain top plantation.
However, it also sheds light on others who were part of the tale, namely the bounty hunter Lillian Method and Carmela Kaine, slave mogul and founder of Kaine Capital.

The former two, of course, are luminaries of American history, and so it is always revelatory to gain greater perspective on their exploits.

The latter two, though, give us a peek into the lives of these extraordinary women who might not have known it at the time, but who definitely helped shape the American story.

How does the simple transport and sale of a dead slave’s corpse turn into a death-defying flight for freedom?

Easier than you might think.

Doctors Aloysius and Allella Freeman turn back the pages of time, taking you to Revolutionary era Monticello, where Jupiter Nameless—favored servant and protege of Thomas Jefferson—suddenly finds himself a hunted runaway.

His master will no doubt be looking for him, but Jupiter has bigger problems at hand: the one place he would flee for freedom is overrun with blighted madmen who attack the uninfected on sight.

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