Elvis, "The King" Presley, met the 37th President Richard Milhous "Tricky Dick" Nixon in secret at the Oval Office on December 21st, 1970.


History Lives: When Elvis Met nixon

Elvis' Handwritten Letter to Richard Nixon

To The Desk of H.R. Haldeman

Elvis has Left the Building but went to The White House

Dear Mr. Presley

Letter from Richard M. Nixon to Elvis Presley, 31 December 1970


The Smoking Gun Tape
Listen and read the Transcript of the “Smoking Gun Tape” from June 23,1972.
50 Years of Watergate
A new exhibit on view through September 3rd at the Library of Congress commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Watergate scandal, by exploring the role of the press, Congress, the courts and President Richard Nixon’s administration. Drawing from 24 Library of Congress Manuscript Division collect…
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