OpenMind is a digital magazine covering disinformation, controversy, cognitive manipulation, and conspiracy theory in science.

5 posts

The Extra Deaths

by OpenMind in Columns & Commentary

#DiedSuddenly has been a trending hashtag, and the United States lists 400,000 Covid-era fatalities not formally attributed to the virus itself. Do the numbers add up, and are they dividing us? April 6, 2023 By Jill Neimark in record numbers for the past three years, and though the Covid-19...

Gaslighting Long Haulers

by OpenMind in COVID-19

By Ryan Prior In the early months of 2020 as Covid swept the world, I was a science writer with a mandate to tell the human stories of the pandemic. I started reaching out to patients living through the aftermath of Covid, people who got sick and stayed sick. As...

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