OpenMind is a digital magazine covering disinformation, controversy, cognitive manipulation, and conspiracy theory in science.

6 posts

Saving the Tiny Empires

by OpenMind in Energy & Environment

Extinction threatens 40 percent of insect species—not just honeybees—putting global ecosystems and food supplies at risk. We can intervene. January 4, 2023 By Oliver Milman Recently a cadre of scientists took on the near-Sisyphean task of estimating the number of ants in the world. They came up with...

The Extra Deaths

by OpenMind in Columns & Commentary

#DiedSuddenly has been a trending hashtag, and the United States lists 400,000 Covid-era fatalities not formally attributed to the virus itself. Do the numbers add up, and are they dividing us? April 6, 2023 By Jill Neimark in record numbers for the past three years, and though the Covid-19...

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