Alex Sterling

Alex Sterling

Founder of Precision Sound Studios Alex Sterling has been an audio engineer and producer since 2005.

5 posts

Song: Ballad Of The Bounty Hunter

by Ryan Knowles and others in Pale Columbia

Ballad Of The Bounty Hunter Why come ye hither, fugitives,  Your minds what madness fills?  In our valleys there is danger,  And there's danger in our hills.  Oh hear ye not the singing  Of our voices wild and free?  Full soon you'll hear the ringing  Of...

Pale Columbia Chapter Two: "That Means You're Still Alive"

by Eric Austin and others in Pale Columbia

How can one explain the impossible to those unwilling to hear? On the run from the blight, Jupiter has a surprising reunion, followed quickly by an even more surprising encounter. As Jupiter navigates a tense new situation, Jefferson welcomes Ben Franklin and his apprentice, Fiona Pratt, to Monticello. Wine and...

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