Pale Columbia

Pale Columbia is a historical horror-fiction immersive audio drama. Join The Revolution as the Founding Fathers fight the Brits and the Blight. Listen to Pale Columbia wherever you get your podcasts.

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Song: Ballad of The Blight

by Ryan Knowles and Jackie Presti in Pale Columbia

A storm gathers near, regardless of place, A tempest is toss’d in each brothers face, The birth of a land is the birth of the storm, The weather is cold and the war is too warm. Derry Down Down  Hey Derry Down  The front marches forth in both weather...

Pale Columbia Chapter Four: "We Tumbled Dice Many A Time"

by Eric Austin and others in Pale Columbia

PALE COLUMBIA STUDIO HEADQUARTERS ALOYSIUS Could you just trust -  Hey there! I’m Doctor Aloysius Freeman – ALLELLA (Bitter) And I’m Allella Marx-Parks. ALOYSIUS And thanks for joining us again on Pale Columbia. Now, I know you’re aching to dive back into the story, and we’ll get...

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