Pale Columbia

Pale Columbia is a historical horror-fiction immersive audio drama. Join The Revolution as the Founding Fathers fight the Brits and the Blight. Listen to Pale Columbia wherever you get your podcasts.

2 posts

Pale Columbia Chapter 1: For The Return of Jupiter

by Eric Austin and others in Pale Columbia

Listen PALE COLUMBIA STUDIO HEADQUARTERS ALOYSIUS Hello, I’m Doctor Aloysius Freeman, Professor Emortus in the History of Medicine at the University of Virginia – ALLELLA And I’m Professor Allella Freeman, Romero Scholar for Historical Blight Studies at Georgetown University. ALOYSIUS Thanks for joining us for the first episode of...

Prologue: Monticello Letters of Correspondence

by Eric Austin and others in Pale Columbia

With special permission from Thomas Jefferson’s estate, we reproduce here for the first time a wonderful trove of correspondence from the days immediately leading up to the Fall of Monticello. This group of letters gives us insight into the minds and dealings of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin in...

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