Music Featured in Chapter 3: It Damned Sure Aint' From Cheating At Craps

'Twas summer, and softly the breezes were blowing,
And sweetly the nightingale sang from the tree.
At the foot of a hill, where the river was flowing,
I took in the sights that all lay before me

Flow on, waters blue, flow on thou sweet river,
Thy banks, purest stream, shall be dear to me ever,
For there I first gain'd the affection and favor
Of the man that had stolen my hearts only key,

But love cannot flourish in times of upheaval 
the hearts of the innocent are casualties
The soul of a land is beyond our retrieval 
if that country was founded on stark miseries.

And now a grim blight on it has descended,
Its grand, lofty aims have now all but ended,
The only hope now is for wounds to be mended,
And save all the souls that are lost in debris. 

But bonded are we in both symbol and shackle
Without any hope or a dream to be free
Still there is a chance that one day we will tackle
Those forces that keep my true love from me.

And while the red embers of war keep on glowing
The strain and the stain of the darkness is showing 
But there in the night a new day is growing
A bright sun is dawning a new destiny.

Music and Original Arrangements by Jackie Presti with vocals by Robin Campbell and lyrics by Ryan Knowles.

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